AgroLAC 2025 is a multi-donor funding platform, coordinated by the Inter-American Development Bank, that is helping propel Latin American agriculture into a new era. Bringing together a broad range of public and private sector donors from around the world, AgroLAC 2025 works to identify and support sustainable agricultural practices and market systems in the LAC region.

Steering Committee






 AgroLAC 2025 Collaborating Partners:




Three Pillars

Trade and Access to Markets
Increased Productivity Through Sustainable Intensification
Agri/Environmental Planning

The fund will finance two types of projects:

  • IDB projects, to be managed directly by the Bank, will focus on projects aimed at promoting agricultural and environmental planning, increasing productivity through sustainable agricultural intensification and stimulating trade and access to markets.  A key objective will be to leverage and scale these initiatives into much larger IDB projects.
  • Third party projects will be managed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and will support the principles of the Latin American Conservation Council (LACC).  Specific resources will be set aside for these projects, with a focus on identifying successful local solutions that can be scaled up.