AgroLAC 2025 Partners

The Inter-American Development Bank’s AgroLAC 2025 Multi-Donor Funding Platform brings together diverse organizations to help support sustainable agricultural practices in the region to help contribute to stable, long-term regional and global food supply. This fund will finance technical cooperation projects including pilot demonstrations and technical assistance, as well as studies and dialogue focused on:

  • Improving the productivity of small, medium and large producers
  • Increasing producers’ access to national and international markets
  • Strengthening producer associations
  • Promoting public/private sector solutions
  • Facilitating access to financial services
  • Advancing the adoption of climate resilient crops and practices

Specifically, this platform is aimed at promoting projects related to food and value-added commodity crops, livestock ranching, fisheries, agroforestry, and related institutional capacity and governance. It will encourage the identification of local solutions that can be taken to scale and to close productivity yield gaps.

Aiming to raise $30-$50 million over three to five years, AgroLAC 2025 is looking for donors to help leverage agricultural investment in the region.


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