Monthly Archives: September 2015

The IDB, Business and Environmental Leaders Unite to Advance LAC Agriculture for Global Food Security

Leaders from agribusiness and the environmental movement convened to launch a new public-private funding platform to boost sustainable agricultural development in Latin American and Caribbean region and advance the region’s role as a global breadbasket.

Partners Launch Sustainable Agriculture Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean

Key partners in development will meet in New York City on Sunday, September 27 to launch AgroLAC 2025, a funding platform aimed at boosting the productivity, performance and environmental sustainability of agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Giving U.S. restaurants the chance to savor native maize from Mexico’s low income farming communities

Farmers in the Central Valley, the Southern Highlands and the Oaxaca coast are participating in joint programs with MasAgro (the Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture program) to improve native maize. The grain produced has found a new niche market in exclusive restaurants offering fine cuisine in Mexico and the United States.

Desde América Latina a su mesa: Seguridad alimentaria

Bernardo Guillamon, Inter-American Development Bank (English translation to follow) - Es la tierra de empanadas, arroz y frijoles, y maduros; arepas, ceviche, pão de quiejo, dulce de leche y alfajores. Pero la contribución de América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) a las mesas del mundo va mucho más allá de antojitos regionales, ofreciendo también algo muy esencial para el desarrollo continuo de nuestro planeta. ¿Entonces—que hay en el menú, exactamente?

Feeding the World – And Saving It

Mark R. Tercek, The Nature Conservancy - As the world's population quickly approaches 9 billion people, the pressure on both natural areas and agricultural lands will be more and more intense. It has never been more important for conservation and agriculture to work together. And these two fields are less at odds than some might think.

Official Launch of AgroLAC 2025

September 27, 2015 World Economic Forum USA Headquarters, New York, NY AgroLAC 2025 Steering Committee members and other partners will gather to formally launch this innovative new multi-donor thematic funding platform to advance sustainable agricultural growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attendance is by invitation only.