Cracking the Nut 2016 – Regenerating Rural and Agricultural Development

March 1-2, 20165. CTN 16 Logo
Washington, DC

After three years abroad, the 2016 Cracking the Nut conference will return to Washington, DC. The two-day learning event will take place on March 1-2, 2016. It will highlight changes being made to “regenerate” rural and agricultural market development and financial inclusion in developing countries. Based on findings of Cracking the Nut 2015, the conference will go beyond environmental conservation to regeneration and repair of natural resources upon which rural and agricultural communities depend. Conference sessions will showcase competitively selected best practices through three focused themes:

  1. Regenerating Rural & Agricultural Landscapes
  2. Financing Environmentally Sustainable Development
  3. Encouraging Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

AgroLAC 2025 coordinator Ginya Truitt Nakata of the Inter-American Development Bank will moderate a panel bringing together major private sector companies working in the region to discuss their perspectives and how they envision that AgroLAC 2025 will contribute to LAC achieving its full agricultural development potential. Following the insights and experiences shared by panelists, the discussion will open up to include participant questions and exchange.

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